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I ∼ Max Savassi is focused on the policy of health and well-being for its employees and offers, free of charge, a corporate health plan. This benefit, for any interested employee, can be extended to the employees' spouse and children, with the employee paying costs for his or her dependents.
II ∼ Quality of Service is what sets us apart. With this in mind, 3 years ago, we began offering an English language course for employees who work in diverse areas of the hotel. The classes are conducted "in door" by qualified instructors, with the costs being subsidized, in part, by Max Savassi Apart Service.
III ∼ One of the pillars of excellence in service and care for our guests is our practice of training our employees, adopting a policy of systematic training in both day-to-day operations and also leadership development.
IV ∼ In order to guarantee that actions implemented by our team become part of our system and result in satisfactory personnel management, Max Savassi offers personalized orientation for Human Resources professionals for the management of the various sectors of our hotel.